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Anyone who has made a contribution and for a
responsible company uses:
Education, culture, health, international relations and sustainability.

Means taking responsibility active
Peace work afford - Yes, we do!
(Examples-Who? Ventor  What: Paintings)

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Dear friends,

For those who do not know me, I'm Claudia de Almeida.

My vision is to give life to a castle as an event place for a better understanding among people and their different cultures, for cultural preservation and cultural promotion. If we hit the aim we will create an association or club who will bring the castle back to life.

As the Head Quarters of the activities I would like to offer 12 th  century castle which is located in the beautiful Bohemian Central Mountains (Czech Republic). But as much remains to be made for the renovation works at the castle, I'm planning to start a crowdfunding project (CF).

I myself am a trained physiotherapist with further medical training (masseuse and med pool attendant, lymphatic drainage therapist, edema therapist. Trained as a naturopath and psychotherapist, as well as many secondary trained skills in conventional and alternative medicine areas). This makes it easy to imagine to invite all other therapists to our project. So I'm looking for other artists, craftsmen, teachers, therapists, organic gardeners, etc.
Anyone skilled in these areas is welcome, to help a little, to make our world a little more beautiful, to make it better and more friendly place!

Here, my idea:

We build an international interest network !
Everyone can benefit from our products and skills - including you !

How does it work?
Anyone whose offer complies with our interests, becomes a "provider" and therefore a sustaining member of our project.

What benefits do you have as a sustaining member?
First of all you are dispensed from contributing to your membership fee (10 € or 200 CZK per month).
Secondly, you get free admission to all our home events in the castle.
In addition, you can sell your products through our network…

Example: You want to sell one of your paintings through our network. You send us a photo of it, the desired price (e.g. 100 euros) and some information about yourself. If you have a website, we would be pleased to link it up with ours.
Crowd Funding project donors get from us a donor’s number with which they can get e.g.  10% discount on the products offered through our network. That means the donor will pay 90 euros for the painting. Should the buyer of the painting not donate anything, he or she will not receive a donor’s number and will pay the whole 100 euro; and we will draw from that amount 10 euros for our social project.   Other example: a  CD that is sold at 10 euros, the discount will be 1 euro, and we'd sell your CD for 9 € and so on and so forth.

You can use the castle for your own events (e.g. concerts, exhibitions, workshops, classes, ....

Got the idea !?

Since we expect a wide range of product offers, we must work together to arrange individually your intended events in advance. For example, as dates, duration of the event, rooms, service charge, free accommodation, etc.
Of course, everyone is welcome to also support the CF project through  our Facebook page Castle Kalich in Trebusin "liking" and "sharing".

You can also make a donation for our  CF project, in the case you have some "coins" to spare!
If you have a general interested in supporting us, becoming a member of the club, we charge a fee of 10 € (or 200 CZK) per month.

What do you get?

  • You support and promote a network of people who want to give a personal contribution to a better world.

  • You'll receive information about our events via newsletter.

  • You'll have the opportunity to socialize through our network.

  • You will receive a reduced admission fee to our events.

  • Also, you will receive discounted accommodation costs in the castle, which depend on the season and the events calendar. However, this advantage can be offered only for annual memberships.

I enjoy working in this network so much  that I will continue even if our CF project for the castle should not work! Unfortunately, in this case I will not be able to offer the castle for your purposes, but the network will continue to support you anyway, helping you to  exchange with other providers and to reach people who could be interested in buying your products!.

Our network is designed to be international! We have suppliers from Germany, Czech Republic, France and Italy. We are in touch with other providers from America, Canada, Croatia, Poland, China and Japan. You may also forward this writing to further potenital providers if you like.

We have written all the documents in three languages: German, Czech and English. If you can and wish to forward this letter and  translate it into another language while taking care of the necessary correspondence, please let me know!
I am open to any support and very grateful for any constructive criticism!

Through this creative solution we can support each other and contribute to the improvement of international understanding, cultural preservation, cultural promotion, health and sports in an international exchange.

Did I catch your interest?

What You would like to offer through us?

So, please contact me at: eMail

I look forward to your response!

Best greetings, Yours  Claudia de Almeida.

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