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Wall Plate from Portugal

230 Euro
* 200 Euro

*Discount 30 Euro


265 Euro
With discount 250 Euro


Sabina Mucha

295 Euro
10% discount on this work of "Sabina Mucha" from Ludwigsburg (Southern Germany).

Freelance artist, graduate designer (FH),

Distance learning in painting, typography, advertising (Katowice) - 1980
Studying visual communication FH (Bielefeld) - 1990
EU exchange, Academy of Fine Arts Krakow - 2002


280 Euro

Ohne Rabatt - without discount
With discount 250.-

The Christ Pantocrator was created by artist Magdalena Przykuta in 2006. The artist lives and works in Poland. She sells her works also in Vienna. This example comes from a private collection.


Trebusin - Triebsch

295 Euro

* 265 Euro

* Discount 30 Euro

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