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Our objectives:

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  • Objectives of IIN are international understanding through cultural exchange, because understanding is an active contribution to world peace!


The way there

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Information for Donor

1. Donations of over 10 euros:
You get a virtual donation certificate with a number that entitles you to have discount for one year on all products of our International   interest   network (association suppliers).

2. Donations over 200 Euro:
In addition - to 1 –you get free admission to our events for two years.

3. Donations over 500 Euro:
In addition - to 2 –you  get  discounted accommodation costs for two-years.

4. Donations over 1.000 Euro:
In addition - to 3 – you get an eternal name mentioning  on the floor of the outdoor terrace.

5. Donations over 2.500 Euro:
In addition - to 3 – you get an eternal name mentioning on a  visible panel/board in  the Castle.

6. Donations over 10.000 Euro:
In addition - to 5 – you get a personal tour in the beautiful Bohemian Central Mountains.

7. Donations over 50.000 Euro:
In addition - to 6 - A room in the castle bearing your  name. This will be signed before the room and thus highlighted.

Explanations of the perks (benefits)

The most common question from you was how the donations are staggered; here a short explanation:

Unfortunately, in Indiegogo you are very limited with describing the perks (only 160 characters) and after the beginning of the campaign, you can no longer make changes! That is the reason why we could not describe the Perks more precisely!

You are entitled to the 1st  perk with a donation of  min. 10 EUR. The 2nd Perk starting with a donation of 200 €.

This means you can donate even just 1 euro! But you get the 1st Perk only donating at least 10 euros.

Your you do not have to conform to the staggering! You may donate any amount: 1.50 -. €, 2, 3, ..... 20, 50, 100, 150, etc.  
We have just created a staggering explaining from which amount you are entitled to the next Perk's level!

In other words:
Donations between 1.00  EUR and 9.99 EUR get no Perk.
Donations between 10.00 EUR and 199.99 EUR get the 1st perk (worth 10 euros)
Donations between 200 EUR and  499 EUR get the next Perk
and so on........

The campain's text:

1 Each donation starting by 10 euro:
The donor receives a numbered virtual donation certificate with which he/she will get discounts for "1 Year" on all the association suplliers' products.

2 Each donation starting by 200 euros:
In addition to point 1 (discounts):  2 years free entry to our events.

Explanation regarding point 2: To become a member of the association you are requested to pay a one-time enrollment fee of 30 Euros.
The annual fee is 120 euros, or 10 euros per month. For two years that would be 220 ​​euros.
220 € + admission fee = 250 euros. The donor, will save 50 euros.

I will be happy to answer to any further questions you may have.

What do you think of my idea?

Would you like to join us?

Do you have any constructive suggestions that are important to you?

Then write to me: eMail

I'm looking forward to your response!

Best greetings, Yours Claudia de Almeida.

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